I have no clue what I’m doing. By Megan Ruble I haven’t had much of a clue for a while now.  Graduating with a degree in theatre, dancing into the streets of Los Angeles, and knocking on doors to become a ‘real’ actor sounds brave and romantic, but in reality it’s a strangely inactive, and at times, utterly depressing pursuit.  I walked out of college stuffed full of answers and information.  Answers on how to… Read More

Megan is delighted to be working on such a beautiful production with this inspiring cast. Her interests and experience span from Shakespeare to Sondheim. Though she can normally be found on stage, she is excited to take her love for the theatre behind the scenes with this production.  Special thanks to Brooke and Daniel for their faith in her, her family and friends for loving her, and her God for showing her what love means… Read More