LeAnne Carrouth and John Bourbonais are fine with being apart, and they told us during our conversation that that’s part of what keeps them together. At first I thought they meant they didn’t like each other that much, so they were relieved to have their independence. But after seeing their fiercely connected dynamic in action, and after hearing their story, my understanding of the potential of partnership has shifted dramatically.  John and LeAnne met in… Read More

Allan and Stephanie are a featured couple in How Love Lasts – The Play. See their story live in Los Angeles this fall! Allan (53) and Stephanie (47) Herpin are meant to be. They believe in fate, and they believe they were destined for each other. They felt a spark immediately at their chance meeting at a night club in Houston, TX on May 21st, 1980. Stephanie says, “He asked me to marry him the very first night, [laughing] which scared me. That’s… Read More

We visited Beth and Ken Berman in their home in Potomac, Maryland. They’ve been married for 28 years, and are recent empty nesters. The way these two spoke – even about the heaviest of subjects – had a lightness to it that had me stifling giggles. Their dynamic is filled to the brim with love and admiration, but it is quite clear that they’ve worked at it. They attribute the success of their marriage to… Read More

Tim (28) and Vanessa’s (26) relationship has been filled with typical twenty-something challenges such as periods of long-distance, cross-country moves, and unemployment to name a few. When asked how they’ve managed to grow together, Tim and Vanessa cite a shared worldview: optimism. Let me be clear. This couple isn’t the sunny, saccharine kind that makes those less cheery among us want to throw in the towel. Tim and Vanessa’s positivity is practical, rational, and deliberate;… Read More

Jan and Marsha are a featured couple in How Love Lasts – The Play. See their story live in Los Angeles this fall! While scheduling our first round of interviews we received the following message: From: Janet Harris Subject: Interview I work in Phoenix and would like to interview for your book. My stories revolve around loving someone after they have died. I am 54, graduated from Smith in 2013.   We didn’t know how to respond.… Read More

Brooke is a director of theatre and film, Shakespeare nerd, and insatiable investigator. Q: What’s your story? I’ve always been fascinated by love. I’m drawn to reading about it, watching movies about it, talking to people about it. I want to know everything there is to know about how love works. This project is an investigation. It’s my journey to discover and understand what love is, what it can be, what it can do. Toni Morrison said, “If… Read More

Daniel is a musician, IT expert, and maker. Q: What is How Love Lasts? This project is about examining the dynamic by which people persist in longterm relationships. It’s about just looking at the data and seeing it for what it is, not imprinted with opinion or bias. So, How Love Lasts is a resource. It’s a website, a database of stories, a theatre project, and who knows what else. I believe in partnership, and the present. When I think… Read More