How Love Lasts: A Storytelling Approach to Creating Stronger Relationships

What is the glue that holds couples together?  Can love last a lifetime?  If so, how?

How Love Lasts takes a storytelling approach to answering these questions.

We travel all over the United States conducting interviews with couples. We ask them to share their stories: everyday stories, epic stories, and everything in between.

Then we share these stories with you by excerpting and retelling them in writing, in song, on stage, and more.

We hope these stories help you find your own glue, and that they inspire you to love yourself and your partner better, every day.

About the Authors – Click an image to learn more:

  • Brooke Bishop

    Brooke Bishop

    Brooke is a director of theatre and film, Shakespeare nerd, and insatiable investigator. Q: What’s your story? I’ve always been fascinated by love. I’m drawn to reading about it, watching movies about it, …
  • Daniel Landberg

    Daniel Landberg

    Daniel is a musician, IT expert, and maker. Q: What is How Love Lasts? This project is about examining the dynamic by which people persist in longterm relationships. It’s about just looking …