I Quit the Best Job I Ever Had…

By Daniel Landberg

…and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. This past year has been the most interesting, rewarding and growth-filled of my entire thirty-three years on Earth.

By trade, I’m a computer person. That vocational ability catapulted me into a successful career in technology consulting. I’ve worked for myself, for others, for myself again, for others, moved across the country for a change of scene, taught English in Germany for a few years, and returned to tech work. The changes were good but I always found myself back in a conference room with a CFO and CEO – justifying and implementing technological applications that – in an abstract sense – made their lives easier and more predictable. It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t doing it because I wanted to. I was doing it because I thought I should be doing it.

To this day I find myself more and more comfortable saying it: It was the best job I’ve ever had. I had a flexible schedule, autonomy, just the right amount of responsibility and a substantial amount of respect. The money wasn’t bad either. I wasn’t fulfilled though – and that is what made me realize I needed to make a radical change.


Daniel and Brooke in 2015

Enter HOW LOVE LASTS. Brooke and I hatched a plan: We wanted to know how we could become better friends, lovers and ultimately each other’s partners. We thought we could take a shortcut; we thought we could glean information from people who feel they’ve “made it” to lifelong partnership. We mused that maybe we could skip some of the hardships they experienced getting there.

I left my job gracefully in December of 2014 and – after 30 days of driving through 30 states and interviewing 50 couples – Brooke and I were awed by the personal transformation we had experienced. (The transformation continues.)

A side-effect for me was the beginning of a validation of my choice to make a change and think differently. Following the project’s launch I turned down work in the technology field I didn’t want to do. I scored a feature film (innocentsleep.com). I built things and travelled and reflected and grew into a more fully realized human – and therefore a better partner to Brooke.

I like technology. I like working with people. I’ve done a few technology jobs on a freelance basis over the past year – on my terms. They’ve turned out well, padded my finances, and I’ve been fulfilled by my part in doing them. I feel good about the work I do and I want to do good work. These tech projects remind me why I did that work in the first place – because I like it.

I’m finding an equilibrium of technological and artistic pursuits – I’ve been particularly excited by projects that employ both aptitudes. I’m working towards setting my boundaries and finding a balance. My partner Brooke has supported me on my journey every step of the way. This choice to prioritize my personal development has made me a happier person and has enabled me to be a better friend, lover, and partner.

We have distilled the experience that was part of the genesis of this transformation into the 80 minutes of theater we created. I know it will challenge you as it has me and everyone in the company working on it. I hope you find some validation, direction, and inspiration in the words of these couples’ journeys as I did – and do every day still.

Daniel is Co-Creator, Producer, and Composer of HOW LOVE LASTS


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