I have no clue what I’m doing. By Megan Ruble I haven’t had much of a clue for a while now.  Graduating with a degree in theatre, dancing into the streets of Los Angeles, and knocking on doors to become a ‘real’ actor sounds brave and romantic, but in reality it’s a strangely inactive, and at times, utterly depressing pursuit.  I walked out of college stuffed full of answers and information.  Answers on how to… Read More

Script Wrangler

*With Documentary Theatre By Rebecca Cunningham Guys. I have found a new love. Her name is Documentary Theatre and my cup runneth over. We’ve been together for a month and a half but it feels like a lifetime. I talk about her constantly to everyone I meet including the producer of this show – so – he asked me to write about why I love her so much. Here’s the deal: I have always loved… Read More