Brooke is a director of theatre and film, Shakespeare nerd, and insatiable investigator. Q: What’s your story? I’ve always been fascinated by love. I’m drawn to reading about it, watching movies about it, talking to people about it. I want to know everything there is to know about how love works. This project is an investigation. It’s my journey to discover and understand what love is, what it can be, what it can do. Toni Morrison said, “If… Read More

Daniel is a musician, IT expert, and maker. Q: What is How Love Lasts? This project is about examining the dynamic by which people persist in longterm relationships. It’s about just looking at the data and seeing it for what it is, not imprinted with opinion or bias. So, How Love Lasts is a resource. It’s a website, a database of stories, a theatre project, and who knows what else. I believe in partnership, and the present. When I think… Read More