I have no clue what I’m doing. By Megan Ruble I haven’t had much of a clue for a while now.  Graduating with a degree in theatre, dancing into the streets of Los Angeles, and knocking on doors to become a ‘real’ actor sounds brave and romantic, but in reality it’s a strangely inactive, and at times, utterly depressing pursuit.  I walked out of college stuffed full of answers and information.  Answers on how to… Read More

Script Wrangler

*With Documentary Theatre By Rebecca Cunningham Guys. I have found a new love. Her name is Documentary Theatre and my cup runneth over. We’ve been together for a month and a half but it feels like a lifetime. I talk about her constantly to everyone I meet including the producer of this show – so – he asked me to write about why I love her so much. Here’s the deal: I have always loved… Read More

“What deal-breakers are hiding in plain sight?” I met my partner (and How Love Lasts co-founder), Daniel, two years ago. Almost as soon as I became confident that this was the person with whom I wanted to build a life, I started to look for red flags. I couldn’t find anything that spelled certain doom for our relationship, but still I thought, “Does everyone go through this process?” Daniel had doubts about ‘forever.’ People change.… Read More

Hannah and Dylan love each other in part for their differences: “We have always said that I am the wolf and he is the moon – that he is sort of like this calm, more reserved, laid-back person, and I’m the crazy fiery one.” Dylan says, “They almost fill you up with these qualities that you don’t have, ‘cause that’s not you, but you get to kind of absorb them, or have them for that… Read More

Jon and Charlotte’s household includes two energetic adolescent boys, a menagerie of pets, and a partnership that is full of loud laughter. Jon and Charlotte (both in their forties) have been married for seventeen years, but have been together for twenty-five. In that time, they’ve had their fair share of stresses, which Jon considers a natural part of partnership: Having intertwining lives is going to necessarily involve some stressful situations, especially if you add children,… Read More

When we knocked on Shelley and Kirk Drake’s front door, we were greeted with bright eyes, huge smiles, tight hugs, and the popping and crackling of a fire. They offered us a drink, some snacks, and their undivided attention. Their home was filled with vibrant color, cozy fabrics, eclectic art, and well-worn books. We tried to engage in the usual pleasantries, and then dive right into the interview, but it was difficult to steer the conversation… Read More

Jon had proposed in a pub on New Year’s Eve, 2014 while the ball dropped on a TV in the background. When we met Lizzie (25) and Jon (27) in their home in January, 2015, they had been engaged just shy of 30 days. The road from meeting to marrying has been a winding one filled with long distance and personal growth. For about a year and a half, Jon was living in Washington DC… Read More

Chris Anne and Jason are a featured couple in How Love Lasts – The Play. See their story live in Los Angeles this fall! Jason and Chris Anne met in 2000 while in their early 20’s. Chris Anne says she knew right away that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Jason: “Like, ‘you’re the one. You. Are. It. And I love you,’ and my claws went in, and that was it.” Though Jason… Read More

Jordan and Jessica met in 2010, when Jessica was a first-year law student, and Jordan – in his third year – was the class’s TA. Jordan says, “she was very active in the class and kind of really drew attention.” Jessica also noticed Jordan right away: He was super super intelligent – I loved that about him – um, really confident, and not in an off-putting cocky way at all. He was just comfortable with… Read More

Mindy and Bobby are a featured couple in How Love Lasts – The Play. See their story live in Los Angeles! Before I begin, I want to say that I could have published this interview in its entirety. The transcript reads like a script: it is full of detailed anecdotes, simple wisdom, and sparkling humor. This story almost sounds too scripted to be true. I can assure you, however, that every word of this story is true. I’ve tried… Read More